Thursday, October 24, 2013


I share a communication tonight from me to Politico's fine media writer Dylan Byers, even if it, and this, are shamelessly self-promoting.  Who sez i can't do new media? :)

Hi Dylan,

Your note today on the surveillor surveilled played perfectly into my hands.  Heh heh.

I have been writing a blog:

The very first post, from July 9, is perfectly apposite (says I) for today's news. 

It posits that our world is defined by twin realities: personal privacy is dead, and so is government secrecy.  

Between the endless powers, and gluttonous appetite of the NSA, registering and if they choose, penetrating all our once-private communications, virtually everything we say, write or think can be known to the government, and our ubiquitous cellphone and tablet cameras, not to mention digital audio recorders, mean that anything that happens in public view can be publicized globally almost instantaneously via the internet and social media.

This world of observation and digitally distributed blabber works as efficiently for secrets governments once considered private to them, and will continue to be fed as long as governments employ human beings.


Here's that first blogpost...

And here's today's, discussing the NY Times' very recent use of interviews just like the one Mattzie spied out.

Oh yes, did I have a point?  Yes, please check the blogs out, and if you deem it suitable, put my name on your list of recommended bloggers.

All the best,

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